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Walk-In Closets

You do not have to choose between a comfortable space to hang your clothes and extra storage for your bedroom or home. A well-designed walk-in closet becomes the ideal dressing room.

Walk-In Closet


Centerpiece glass cabinets offer protection and allow you to see what's showcased inside.

Built-in drawers, pull-out baskets and shelves, and hampers allow for storage to remain concealed.

A well-designed walk-in closet can boost your home’s value by providing more storage solutions and an upgraded aesthetic.

Materials are all yours to select!
A well-organized shoe space means being able to see your options.
A galley closet doesn't need to feel small or cramped, especially when it has access to natural light.
A small space does not mean the organization is impossible, it just means it needs to be very carefully done.
A dark wood grain can bring out the best of your space.
A whole wall of closets allows for plenty of storage and a true walk-in experience.
If your entire top floor is your dressing room, we can find a way to make the most of your space.
Making your master closet into a dressing room with built-ins made for you.
Lighting is incredibly important in closets, especially with closed cabinets and pull-out drawers.
This walk-in hosts a glass cabinet centerpiece, allowing the owner to showcase her favorite items.
This full walk-in makes the most of the space vertically, allowing for as much storage as possible.
A transition between the bedroom and the bathroom, this walk-in allows space for the owners to change before entering either room.
This walk-in hosts a vanity area, allowing the walk-in closet to act as an extension of the bathroom.
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